Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Miss Alabama Plus America Pearl Ambassador" competition for 2016. This competition is based on social media "likes", "shares," and an interview

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When I saw flyers about beauty pageants, there was the uncomfortable feeling that I didn't fit the description and that it did not apply to me.  Therefore, I've NEVER had the COURAGE to participate.

I gave it the usual eye-rolling response; those girls are so fake, “world peace” what kind of answer is that, and then making fun of some of the awkward answers that contestants would give.  My love for being a "Beauty Queen" usually came at Christmas time.  The wonderful feeling, I would get when would see that Barbie Doll under the tree!!

My entire life I was convinced that a "Beautiful Woman" looked exactly like Barbie!! However, my family made sure I knew that I was BEAUTIFUL inside and out.   It didn't matter that the media portrayed the 'Wonderful Woman" as tall and super gorgeous.  Even 'wonder woman' the female super hero was over the top captivating!!!

My mission is to use the title to promote female empowerment and confidence in young women. I wouldn't be the typical beauty queen, I will be the one that 'media' never deemed as BEAUTIFUL, but the one that FACED the struggle and defied all the myths. 

Even with a crown, I still bear "NO" resemblance to Barbie, but I will have the platform and the opportunity to speak to young women about what it really means to be “beautiful” and "comfortable" in your own skin. “PowerInHeels” is a leadership development group, I have successful begun to encouraging young women to be poised, elegant, talented, and well-spoken, through coaching and mentoring for women while they straighten their CROWNS!!!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Are you the KING or The Gate Keeper?

So at a family function I heard a loud voice stating  "You better get my aunts to show you how to cook that dressing".  I did not respond!  The voice got louder stating "They got husbands, you better learn how to cook that dressing!!"

I did not utter a word.  The house was packed with his family members, so one of the ladies replied 'Leave her alone, she's doing fine.  Then she proceeds to tell me what goes in the dressing.  I stopped her mid-sentence, I didn't say I didn't know *HOW* to cook dressing I told him my dressing didn't turn out right!  SO IF SOME BEAD CRUMBS AND SOME CELERY IS GOING TO PREVENT US FROM HAVING SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP, SO BE IT.  I'M LOOKING FOR MY KING NOT A GATEKEEPER.

My King is someone to lift me up. To support me in the areas that I'm weak.  Ok, so lets cook it together and see what you're doing wrong and fix it!